Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In response to a great many requests, we have found a recipe for UNIMIX, a ‘food’ that is often provided in emergency feeding centers to extremely malnourished children. Due to their fragile digestive systems, children are given this type of food that they can easily absorb into the body until their strength starts to return.

Many groups have asked about using UNIMIX (or some variation) for the Break the Fast meal. That’s a great idea, whoever, please understand that UNIMIX is not exactly a delicacy, if you take my meaning. In both taste and texture, it’s not the nicest thing to eat for a person who is used to the food of Western culture.

The following recipe is based in percentages. I have not been able to locate suggested quantities for relative serving numbers.

30% maize (or corn) meal
10% oil
10% milk powder
40% beans (mashed or ground)
10% sugar

I have also read where some people make it with actual milk instead of milk powder.

Have fun…

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