Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Red Hat Society Day!!

Read the Freakin' Title.

The Story of La Befana

La Befana
Country of Origin: Italy

The Three Wise Men had traveled long and far in search of Bethlehem. One night of their journey they became lost, and came to the doorstep of the Italian Grandmother Befana to ask for directions.

Befana was consumed with the sweeping and cleaning of her home and quickly dismissed the Wise Men when they told her of their search for the New Born King. Even when they asked her to come with them to pay respects to Jesus, she stubbornly refused. Later in the night a brilliant star appeared in the sky, and it's beauty quickly made Befana realize she had made a terrible mistake.

She gathered up toys and presents for the Christ Child and tried to run after them, but her old legs couldn't catch up with them. In frustration, she wept over the dirty broom that had been her misfortune.

The sincerity of her tears gave the broom new life, and it scooped her up into the night sky to search for the Wise Men she had treated so badly. La Befana has never found the Three Kings or the stable they searched for, but every year on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, she flies over the homes of the children of Italy leaving presents with good boys and girls until she finds the baby Jesus.