Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tiny Tot Humour

What's is the first joke you remember telling as a child? I ask this question because I'm wearing these Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas I got for Christmas a couple years back. I remember that the show made me laughed my ass off. Keep it to PG-13 at most.

Here's mine:

George is sitting down to breakfast and asks Gracie to see if the morning paper is on the porch. She returns a moment later and cheerfully announces, "Yes, it's there

And here's another:

Two muffins are baking in the oven. One muffin turns and says to the other, "Boy, it's HOT in here!"

The other muffin looks back and says, "Ack! A talking muffin!"

The Rose: Nature's Little Beauty Queen

Red Rose: Scientific Name: Rosaceae

A beautiful Red Rose flowering in a garden in the village of Oliva Nova in Valencia, Spain.

Roses originate from Central Asia. In China the Rose was considered the flower of the Kings. The Romans use the fragrant rose petals to produce perfume and as a symbol of luxury.

A red rose is typically considered a symbol of love and romance.

SNL Ambiguously Gay Duo: Roof Top

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Summer Storm, A German Coming Of Age Film: English Subtitles!

Hitler's Reaction To The Super Bowl