Thursday, June 26, 2008

The TRUTH about ChewingTobacco

FACT: Four pinches of smokeless tobacco contain about as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.
FACT: Because it contains high levels of nicotine, smokeless tobacco is highly addictive and hard to quit using.

FACT: Tobacco companies add sand, fiberglass, and other abrasives to smokeless tobacco that increase nicotine absorption and destroy tooth enamel.

FACT: Oral cancers are 50 times more likely in users of smokeless tobacco.

FACT: Oral cancer kills 30- 50% of those diagnosed with it within 5 years.

FACT: It is possible to quit - many people have succeeded.

FACT: Nicotine replacement therapy (patch or gum) can reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, making it easier to quit.

FACT: Sugarless gum, healthy snacks, or tobacco-free dip can help satisfy your oral fixation and help you remain tobacco-free.

FACT: Changing your routine and avoiding your triggers (those places or situations where you most often use smokeless tobacco) can help.

FACT: Not everyone quits for good the first time they try, but each successive attempt gets easier. Don't give up!

FACT: It is possible to quit.

FACT: There are places to get more information on support: - tips aimed at college students -information on quitting, including where to find tobacco-free dip - information, including an online support group -information from the NIH - information on health risks and tips on quitting from the American Cancer Society

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