Sunday, June 08, 2008

1950s Slang Expressions

Slang expressions from the 1950's - many are still in use today:
actor - show-off
big daddy - older person
blast - good time
bread - money
cat - hip person
cloud 9 - really happy
Clyde - term of address for any normal male
cookin’ - doing very well
cool it - relax
cranked - excited
cream - badly damage
cut out - leave
dig - understand
dolly - real cute young girl
don’t have a cow - don’t get excited
flat out - fast as you can
flat-top - men’s hairstyle (flat on top crewcut)
flick - movie
fracture - to amuse
frosted - angry
going ape - getting really excited
hang out - do very little
heat - police
hip - cool, in the know
horn - telephone
kick - a fun thing, or a good thing
knuckle sandwich - fist in the face
kookie - nuts (in a nice way)
made in the shade - guaranteed success
make the scene - to attend
nerd - dorky person with brains
no sweat - no problem
odd ball - someone a little out of sync
on the stick - smart, prepared
pad - home
party pooper - no fun at all
rattle your cage - get you upset
shot down - failed
sing - tattle or inform on someone
split - leave
stacked - female with well proportioned figure
stack up - wreck a vehicle
threads - clothes
tight - close friends
total - completely destroy
unreal - exceptional

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