Saturday, April 19, 2008

The First Movie Featuring Marilyn Monroe Is A Sex Tape

Humans have probably always enjoyed sex as more than just a series of motions towards procreation. An experience that has such potential for us, not only for pleasure, but also for the intimate link it can create between two people, is bound to inspire creative work. And sex has been artistically represented since before the wheel was invented.

We do know that humans have been creating paintings, drawings, and sculpture depicting sex and sexualized people since the Stone Age.

Professor Kuntz, an UCLA expert in Hollywood’s history declares that "Monroe was a star with a great ambition of success".

It seems that the first erotic movie exists in a museum from Hollywood, a museum focused mainly on erotic art. There can be found a recording with a woman having sex with a man on a couch. The woman in question is, according to "Hollywood’s Erotic Museum", Marilyn Monroe. The tape is dated 1948. On the same museum the last acquisition is a 14 minute length recording with very explicit sex between Colin Farell and an ex-Playboy star.

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