Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret is out: Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan

US blogger Matt Drudge has broken the best-kept editorial secret of recent times. Editors had been sworn to secrecy over Prince Harry (pictured) being sent to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan three months ago.

Drudge has blown their cover. One wonders whether viewers, readers and listeners will ever want to trust media bosses again after keeping this story secret. Or perhaps this was a courageous editorial decision to protect this member of the Royal Family?

Ministry of Defense and Clarence House refuses all comment. Army chiefs have managed to keep the prince away from media and have encouraged fellow soldiers in his squadron to stay quiet.

Now that the Prince Harry story is out, the Prince is out - out of Afghanistan, that is. The British have no alternative but to bring the Prince Harry back to the UK.

It would be easy for the Taliban to learn exactly where the Prince was located. If that happed, the life of the Prince would be in deep peril.

It would be a real coup for the Taliban to kill a member of the British Royal Family!

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